What We've Been Watching


First up we have a great new video from our friends at Nexus Productions for Franz Ferdinand. We really like the use of classic graphic design and fonts in this one. Good energy too.  Franz Ferdinand - Right Action from jonas odell on Vimeo.

The Impossible Family Portrait - Skype

A very emotive film from Skype called The Impossible Family Portrait. Interesting it is so literal-very direct-no clever device.




This is a gorgeous animation, with beautiful fonts and sound design. But most of all, the humour which comes through on every frame, steals it for us.

Richard Mosse: The Impossible Image This infrared video features remarkable images for a remarkable project. The director also has a great point about using beauty as a tool to juxtapose the human suffering, which in turn creates an ethical problem in the viewers mind. It is a brilliant piece of content supporting the full length documentary that we’re looking forward to seeing.


ChildLine: First Step

Really impressive storytelling, using abstract images and sound to deliver a hard hitting narrative. Great work from Buck.