What we're looking forward to in 2014


We were invited by Inkling to be part of their '2014 Trends, Insights and Happenings' report and write a few words about what we're looking forward to in 2014 (relating to our industry, of course!).
The report is out today, and you can see it here, it includes insight from 30 people in and around the industry and thoughts from Inkling themselves to help get the most out of 2014. (You can see ours on Page 21!)
We've also included our contribution below:

Robert Waddilove Head of Strategy

In 2014 we are most looking forward to brands being bold with how they approach video online. It’s the most engaging way to connect with audiences and we’re aware that it’s scary, as for many, it’s unchartered territory. Big questions marketers have is how this new way to connect with audiences can provide good or better ROI from their marketing and media budgets as opposed to the traditional media platforms they are used to (and comfortable with).
Creating content for YouTube audiences online has to be fully realised and not an afterthought of a TV campaign. It’s time to move past this.
It’s time to get excited about starting the conversation. There’s no need to chase a TV audience; grow it natively online and let them feel part of it.
The YouTube ecosystem is thriving and audiences are growing with it. It’s time for brands to join in the fun and really try new, interesting ways of informing, educating, entertaining, engaging and interacting with their audiences.