Katie's Marathon Email

Our Head of Production, Katie Griffiths, is running the marathon this year and sent this great email out to her friends yesterday. We thought we'd share on our blog and hopefully help her reach her fundraising target! Anyway, enough of me, over to Katie!


Dear friends,

It pains me to write this email... I am running the London Marathon this year with my darling cousin Kelly after a massive drunken lightbulb moment last summer. There we were; rolling around on the grass, full of vodka, being emotional and saying how we need to achieve more, then ping, off went the lightbulb and well, here we are.

Since January 2nd I have been training super hard, it's been no fun. I've defeated the torrential weather, dark fields, sobbing children on bikes, a crazed dog and a home/work balance that would give Helena Augusta a run for her money. I've lost hardly any weight but instead I have a body so toight like a tiger (not in a hot way) I want to weep every time I walk. My playlist has degenerated to naff 70's power songs, heartbreaking ballads and mental electronica, to which I am now 100% reliant upon. I've pretty much stopped drinking, I'm eating nuts and stuff and I own a drawer full of sports gear.

Why do it then? 1. I said I would. 2. This is a chance to raise money for an amazing local charity Shooting Star Chase. Kelly and I are both mums and as we have grown close to them over the past months they have given us nothing but warmth and support. The work they do for kids is beautiful, if you are still with me, please take a moment to visit their site and check them out - there's link on my page - they're very special.

So here I go, the biggest journey I've made to date. It's incredible to have endured the training, find mental strength to go out for ANOTHER run and deal with the realisation that I might actually shit my shorts on the day. If you haven't donated any money to charity recently and are looking for a reason to do so then please, use my Marathon run as a way to make yourselves feel good. Just imagine the fuzzy feeling you'll get when we smash the target together!

I love you all for the endless support to my misery and droning, my lovely mates!

Thank you, big kiss and think of us on April 13, Kx http://www.justgiving.com/katiegriffter