“In the Footsteps of Science” Film Series


“In the Footsteps of Science” Film SeriesClient: Google

In the Footsteps of Science is a series of three short films, each one inspired by a Czech scientist or inventor whose work has changed the world. Google hopes to inspire its audience of children and teenagers in the Czech Republic to study or pursue a career in science, technology, engineering or mathematics.
The Czech scientists we feature in the films are Jirsak Oldrich, Kurt Godel and Blanka Rihova. We decided that the best way to engage young people was to create and film scientific experiments that illustrate the work of these scientists in a fun and accessible way. The films also try to explain the relevance of the scientists' experimental work and the impact it has had on our everyday lives.

We cast well-known Czech TV stars Michael Londesborough and Marek Mikulasek to present these experiments and explain the relevance of the scientists’ inventions. Their double act helps add some comedy, as real-life scientist Michael explains the experiments to a young and curious Marek.

Links to original Czech versions: Jirsak Godel Rihova

Credits Producer - Zara Balfour Director - Zara Balfour DoP - Jonathan Beech Production Manger - Lauren Holden Executive Producer - Christian Anderson Ramshall & Alexia Merrington Art Director - Pavel Kout Editor - Daniel Kupsovsky Scriptwriting - Alex Manson Smith Graphic Design - Mike Brookes Illustrations - Mato Hanschild Animation of Illustrations - Andrew Bayliss Assistant Producer - Tom Dore