Guinness World Records: OMG! LIVE Gamers Challenge


YouTube honoured geeks from around the globe with their very first Geek Week, dedicating 7 whole days to all things sci-fi, gaming, superheroes and comics. Over 100 channels were showcased throughout the week and each day had its own theme including; Braniac Tuesday, featuring videos focusing on science, education and knowledge; and Super Wednesday profiling superheroes and comics.  

Following Super Wednesday was Gaming Thursday; a gamer’s paradise with live play throughs, videogames in real life, as well as game inspired original series. At 5pm on Thursday, the Guinness World Records:OMG! YouTube channel streamed live with guest appearances from gamers including Callux, KSI, ElrubiusOMG, Outconsumer and Ali-A, as they attempted to break some gaming records on Call of Duty, Gran Turismo and FIFA.



With all live productions, you never know what quite may happen and with the extremely excitable KSI on set, anything could've happened and it did, including planting his face fully into the controller cake we got El Rubius for hitting 3 million subscribers!



The hour long special episode of Guinness World Records:OMG! was action packed and over 20,000 people tuned in to watch live, the video has now racked up nearly 200,000 views.



Not one, but two world records were broken both on Call of Duty and Gran Turismo! Callux and KSI were the first to bag themselves a record as they partnered to achieve the highest time around a track on Gran Turismo, sharing a controller. Alia-A and Outconsumer then smashed the record for a timed, blindfolded capture the flag on Call of Duty, by over 30 seconds. Unfortunately no one could quite hit the back of the net when it came to FIFA, but two records wasn’t bad!


"Guinness World Records Ltd./Paul Michael Hughes" and "(c) Guinness World Records 2013".