D&AD Next Director Award

Next_Director_1-z1R7Myqg_620_0 On Wednesday night we went to the launch event of the D&AD Next Director award at Google.

The Next Director Award is a brand new award set to unearth the best new directorial talent and promote it back to the industry.

The winner and nominees will get incredible exposure at international screenings and through the D&AD and YouTube platforms. The competition is open to new directors with less than two years professional experience. Who knows, maybe you’re Next…

2014-04-30 19.58.24

At the event we heard from Tim Hautekiet, otherwise known as Tim H on his YouTube channel. I found it fascinating how he has truly used his YouTube channel to hone his craft, all whilst building an audience who want to watch his films. He's really developing his directing skills as well as the ability to interact with his fans meaningfully. To hear he has just got a place in film school in California is such a departure (in a great way) to how I approached film school 10 years ago. The only way to get your short films out there was with festivals, but as we all know access to creation and distribution is now so easy, you just have to grasp it with all your might and make something out of it. Tom certainly seems to have done that, and all the best to him!

2014-04-30 20.06.14

We also saw a pick from all the judges on the evening on their favourite new talent.... Laura Gregory picked Ilya Naishuller Juliette Larthe picked Jesse Kanda Phil Tidy picked Lamar & Nik David Alberts picked Taylor MacDonald David Bruno picked Tom Jobbins Ringan Ledwidge picked Jack Whitely Ed Sayers picked Lee Hardcastle

Here's the link to D&AD's site with stacks of info on how to enter!