Chipotle - Back to the Start - Making of


Across the Pond followed Johnny Kelly and his team at Nexus Productions as they created an animated short for Chipotle to promote sustainable farming. Years pass, seasons change, and landscapes evolve as the farmer grows his business and has second thoughts about how he is affecting the world around him   We tracked the progress of this intricate production, from character design, set build and lighting set-up, through to the technical challenges of the painstaking stop-motion animation process. We interviewed the main players about creating and bringing to life the immersive world of the farmer.   Our video is the perfect complement to Nexus's film, giving an insight into the level of detail, ingenuity and sheer graft involved in the making of this miniature epic.


Executive Producer: Rachna Suri Executive Producer: Julie Cohen Production Manager: Beki Gard Offline Edit: Will Brown Camera: James Hughes Motion Graphics: Mike Brookes Online Edit: Will Brown & Robert Waddilove Production Secretary: Mikal Habteab