Our Head of Design wins a D&AD!

We're delighted that Mike Brookes, our Head of Design, won a D&AD last week, for his film The Petard Pinch, picking up a Yellow Pencil for Moving Image (Graphic Design). Congratulations Mike!

It serves as a great follow up to a film Across the Pond created, also directed by Mike, Bletchley Park -- why it matters.

The Petard Pinch film was commissioned by Bletchley Park to form the focus of a new, permanent exhibition at the museum, right next door to the offices of Alan Turing. The film recounts the WW2 story of the recovery of vital documents from a stricken German U-boat, and the heroic men who sacrificed their lives for their country.

For the film’s aesthetic I was inspired by the wartime illustrations of British artist Brian Cook, with a muted colour palette based on the technology of the day. For production, different styles were employed to bring the different scenes to life - from 2D to 3D, cell animation and treated live footage. We worked closely with Bletchley Park and their historians to ensure the film stayed historically accurate. Some scenes were given a certain abstract interpretation to keep the tone and emotion of the piece, yet also allow us to stay on course with regards to our production schedule.

It certainly was a fun and exciting project to be involved with - not just creatively but because it was an honour to help tell this incredible story about the young men who did so much for our country - whose courage & heroism have until now gone untold. Special thanks to Bletchley Park who were a great client, and to Aaron for bringing his producing chops - pulling in favours for us liking getting the brilliant Michael G. Jones to narrate - a perfect fit for the film!