Film Hack 2016 - with YouTube & D&AD

We are delighted to host this year’s Film Hack, YouTube’s film making competition for creative agencies. This year the competition is to create a TrueView for D&AD, which will go out into the wild and be judged by the public's engagement alongside a panel of industry judges.

We shared our strategic and creative insights of how to make effective TrueView ads on the platform, what makes good content, and gave each agency team one of our producers to work with them to make their films.

The brief this year has come from D&AD, who have partnered with YouTube for the event.

“The creative industry needs more diversity of thought. However, employment opportunities within advertising and design are too often restricted to a privileged few."
Ant Hill, Industry head, creative agency partnerships for Google UK

● Only 14 per cent of UK Creative Directors are female - 2015 Creative Equals Report

● Black, Asian and minority ethnic employees make up only 8 per cent of those at the most senior levels across the advertising industry. This rises to 10.8 per cent in creative agencies but drops to 2.9 per cent at media agencies according to the recent IPA Diversity Report.

"The problem starts in colleges as young people of all backgrounds make choices about their future. We need to get a creative career onto their consideration list early, and encourage them to work with the D&AD to explore their options.

There are some great ideas from the teams from Ogilvy, J. Walter Thompson, BBH and Grey London and we’re excited to work with them on creating their films!"

The winner will be announced in April.

Until then, for more information have a look at The Drum’s interview with Ant Hill, Google UK.