What we watched this week - 20th March 2015

This week in our creative huddle we watched a great selection of films, and it was interesting to see a theme come through them all, regardless of their execution. The theme for us was that they all show a great understanding of their subject matter. With the exception of LOCAL, which of course exhibits a deep understanding of the skating universe, they all use little nods and winks and in-jokes to really draw you in.

They're not just laying out facts, they're having fun with the subjects and putting a spin on it. It makes it ten times more engaging than if they weren't. It's something we should all aspire to in our work.


We really enjoyed these short films from GAP, using the Instagram video platform to great effect, producing genuinely entertaining and set series of films featuring Paul Dano and Jenny Slate, here's 2 we liked, click through to see the other films on the GAP Instagram channel.

A video posted by GAP (@gap) on

A video posted by GAP (@gap) on

This film from Coca-Cola was a lovely way to provide some real value and of course get a brand/logo sticking around your house for a little longer. It's very interesting seeing how brands are finding ways to provide people with genuine value, outside of their typical 'value proposition'.