Here’s to bold clients!

A year ago we wrote a short piece on what we were looking forward to in 2014, and one of the main things was about brands being bold with online video. I’m happy to say we worked with lots of bold clients, with 20th Century Fox being one of the standouts!

It was great to work on this series of films for the launch of Kingsman: The Secret Service, the brief naturally let us work to our strengths; making relevant, beautifully crafted content which captures the audience’s attention, all whilst wanting to create something new, but completely at one with the tone and style of the film. It didn’t want to be a re-edit of the trailer or a shouty viral (with extremely loose ties to the film), more a series of films that would feel natural to the world of the Kingsman, and even perhaps be part of the universe that the characters would interact with.

It’s fantastic working with such an innovative and brave marketing team who want to approach online content in this way to create an authentic buzz around the film and its launch. This is the way content can truly differentiate itself from just being an ad.

Always nice to get a shout out in Campaign too, with some nice words from the client.

Bettina Sherrick from 20th Century Fox International said Across The Pond had a “unique approach to building the How To Be A Kingsman storyline and stylish aesthetic, coupled with their ability to shoot content that plays strongly on any screen”

Creative Director – Maggi Machado
Director – Jack Driscoll
Director of Strategy & Content – Robert Waddilove
Executive Producer – Aaron Hutchinson
Producer – Emily Rohan
Producer – Cher Brighton
Designer – Tom Kilburn
Production Manager – Emma Copeland
Post Production – Smoke & Mirrors