Apple Vs Sony or Future Vs Past?


Nice post from Creative Review looking at two recent ads from Sony and Apple.

Sony runs the risk of making us feel like we're at an internal company sales conference. (Perhaps the ad is aimed as much at employees and 'stakeholders' as it is at consumers.) Apple doesn't attempt to tell us about all the things it does – the iPad Air alone is enough. And while Sony demands that we 'Be Moved', Apple relies on the power of its brand and the brilliance of its products to do that implicitly. Surely, if you feel the need to tell people how they should feel at the end of your ad, something has gone wrong?

In the Sony ad, it's interesting how they look to the past - to 'beloved products' we very likely used in our lives. They're trying to win brand love from our own memories, our nostalgia for what Sony stood for then, not now. Apple are firmly in the present with the iPad Air, and clearly content to just go all out with extremely grandiose words and images to stir our emotions.

We watched the Apple ad today in one of our creative meetings, and it is clear that these types of emotive campaigns, do seem to be objective and seems to speak to the converted very well.

This reminds me of when Phil Schiller was asked in 2012 if Apple would build a museum inside its new 'spaceship' HQ. He replied "We're focused on inventing the future, not celebrating the past. Others are better at collecting, curating and displaying historical items."

"It is not who we are or who we want to be," Schiller stressed.